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Labour law or employment law is the body of laws, administrative rulings and precedents which address the legal rights of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations. It deals with the regulations of employment contracts and related issues faced by the employers or the employees. To deal with these issues, businesses and individuals often seek support from industrial labour law consultancies. Lakhotias in the 60s recognized the potential of this industry and ventured into the labour law space under the brand name of Lakhotia and Associates. The success followed the company’s inception and went on for decades. This success saga was carried forward by the next generation entrepreneur of the family, Anurag Lakhotia who in 2013 introduced Lex Labour. The company is an extension to a business which has ruled the industrial labour law sector since decades. Lex Labour is strengthened by the expertise of Senior Industrial and Labour Law Consultant R. S. Lakhotia and the modern and dynamic approach of Anurag Lakhotia, a young advocate.

Lex Labour was founded to offer labour law consultancy solutions that many organizations often seek external help for. The company primarily focuses on consultancy, audit and litigation proceedings in the implementation of labour laws. The major solutions offered by Lex Labour include labour law consultancy, labour law audit, litigation and drafting HR policies. The company brings first hand help for companies looking for audit solutions. The team prudently conducts audit for its clients’ operations and further releases the report alongside suggesting practical solutions about how to proceed. As a full-fledged labour law consultancy, Lex Labour handles all the industrial labour law issues, from registration to consulting and day to day issues such as appointment letters and so on.

The team of Lex Labour unlike other labour law consultancies carries the benefit of having expertise of both advocates and consulting firms. Beyond providing suitable advisory solutions, the organization also holds expertise in representing its cases in the court, which undoubtedly gives an edge to the company. “The market either has lawyers or consultants. However, we represent our cases, appear in the court and get the decisions in our favour. So, we are already abreast with the law. Hence we consult and get cases,” explains Anurag Lakhotia, Managing Partner, Lex Labour. With such an approach and vision to deliver the best to its clients, the organization is counted among the leading labour law consulting firms. Over the years, it has served innumerable businesses from almost all the verticals. Some of these are Panasonic, Nippo Batteries Ltd., Salora International Ltd. and Venus Infrastructure. Lex Labour doesn’t just take pride in holding a vast client base, but also enjoys getting repeat business and referrals.
Going forward, the company wishes to continue to add value to its services. Expansion also is a major factor that the management team of Lex Labour aims to consider in the years to come. In addition, the company seeks to establish at least four more full-fledged offices and a vast client base. Lex Labour will also consider expanding to the e-Commerce sector during the span of next two years.

The company primarily focuses on consultancy, audit and litigation proceedings in the implementation of labour laws.